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the advantage of freeze dryer

The advantage of Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryers offer many advantages in comparison to traditional drying techniques.

Most importantly, the biological activity, color, flavor and fragrance of the original materials will not be changed after using freeze drying.

To freeze drying materials also can decrease the volatility and the structure change of heat sensitive components. It can keep the original property of the dried materials by freeze drying. The volume and the shape of the materials will not be changed by freeze drying. Freeze dried vegetables and flowers will present micropore and obtain high rehydration.

Freeze dried products are also easier to be preserved, the shelf life/storing time can last up to 25 years.


the performance of conductive freeze dryers

Several drying options (examples) can be chosen from the menu? Pre frozen and lyophulization will be processed at the same place, the drying process will be visible and controllable through the Touch Screen, Adopting sensitive temperature sensor, automatically detecting and controlling the drying temperature. The performance of vapor condenser is high, and the drying time is short.


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