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About us

Company Profile.

We are Cinatek, a companywhich is specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of Vacuum Freeze Dryers (lyophilizers) 

We have a team of international members. Our main office is located in Hangzhou, China.

We have an experienced professional team which offers you after sales services, warranty and technical support.

Our Product

We are producing high quality products with a high technological standard.

We manufacture a full range of vacuum freeze dryers including many types, the input ranges from 1 kg to 2500 kg. Our freeze dryers are used in many areas, such as food, medicine, organisms, chemicals, etc.

We’ve obtained high technology maturation in the Freeze Dryer Field with a reliable quality

The components that we use for our vacuum freeze dryers are from famous brands such as Bitzer, Danfoss, Schneider, Siemens, ALFA LAVAL and etc.

Our Freeze dryers obtain excellent technology and stable quality.

Our Aim

“To to develop markets by quality and quality” will always be our aim. We continue learning the advanced freeze drying technology and present the optimization based on practical experience, we are improving the quality of our freeze dryers such as the performance, energy efficiency and operation of the freeze dryers. Also we have been highly regarded by our clients. Our freeze dryers have been exported to the middle-east, southeast Asia, Europe, America and Latin America.

Cinatek will contribute to the field of freeze drying to offer more eco, secure and energy efficiency freeze dryers with higher quality.

Our Adavantage

The design of energy use of our freeze dryers is professional,we can also design Freeze dryers based on client’s requirements. the total output power of our freeze dryers is 10% to 30% lower than other similar or competing freeze dryers in China, while the price of our freeze dryers is better.


Majority of the components of our freeze dryers have been certified by ISO9001,CE and UL. the welded tank can be evacuated to 2.5-5 Pa,the shelf and vapor condesnser will all be tested under 8-20 timea of the pressure under normal work condition to assure the reliability of our quality.

We have widely adapted energy-efficient equipment. The design of conductive and radiant freeze dryer will conduct heat efficiently, we use the materials with excellent heat conductive efficiency for our freeze dryers.


Freon R22 is harming the ozone layer and will increase global warming. So we use Freon R404A, R507 and other environmental environment-friendly refrigerant to replace Freon R22.the temperature of the system of our freeze dryer is controllable .and the system can be operated automatically. We will offer the proposal and design for the freeze dryer base on the clients’ products, local environmental condition, and etc. We offer Chinese, English and Spanish for the operation system language of our freeze ,we also offer the required quality certificates, such as Certificates of Pressure Vessel, Certificates of Origin, Fumigation Certificate of the wooden case and etc. and we are experienced with installing/commissioning our equipment abroad, we will offer 2 years of warranty and life time of after-sales technical consulting service.

The advantage